Domain check

The most basic type of validation. If the domain does not exist there is no way that the email address is correct.

Tempmail check and mailbox chech contains domain check, if the domain does not exist both will return as the email address is invalid.

You can send the domain name, or the email address.

Tempmail check

The next step further to completely verify that the email is correct. We run a search against our tempmail and disposable email databases, and return it to You. If the email uses a tempmail domain the user can get his/her email once but You will not be able to reach out again.

We also have a database of spam email domains, and we treat spam domains as invalid domains.

Mailbox check

The most complex type of email verification. We verify the existence of the email domain, so you can be sure you can reach out to the user.

There are special cases when the mailbox exists, but can not accept any emails because the mailbox is full. We provide you this information too.